April 16, 2016 Team Supafonica

You probably should be doing more to get ready for the “Internet Of Things”.

ERP software provider Infor,  at its annual Inforum event in Paris, revealed the findings of a new study indicating that Internet of Things adoption is not yet a business priority for most manufacturers. According to the survey, just 10 percent of manufacturers are actively pursuing IoT projects, with nearly a third of respondents admitting to having no IoT plans in place what so ever. It shows that the Internet of Things is a business priority for just 10 percent of manufacturers, with 43 percent saying that it had yet to register on their organisation’s radar.

The report also echoes similar findings by cyber security organisation ISACA, where in October of last year, it released a report indicating that 75 percent of UK IT professionals and security experts lack confidence in the security measures being implemented by manufacturers of IoT devices. ISACA encourages manufacturers looking to improve their IoT security to take a number of steps, including making all social media sharing opt-in by default, encrypting sensitive information, and insisting on automatic security updates, which is a bit like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10 os.

Around the world, the number of IoT devices in existence is expected to spike in the next five years, with more than five billion connected devices a possibility by 2020, so it’s no wonder why it would seem sensible for manufactures as well as businesses to look into what is forecasted to be a very important part of tech business.

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