Importance of data visualisation

The most important common benefit of data visualization is that it allows us to access huge amounts of data in an easily and digestible way. Well-designed graphic representations are usually the simplest and therefore the most powerful to read.

Furthermore the amount of data that is being created by companies continues to grow each year in a bid to understand consumers for streamline operations. It is becoming more important to work with a agency that provides the technology to gather and make use of all this compiled data to understand consumers. However the use of data is not only confined to consumers and end clients. Good analysis of data can lead to valuable insights in streamlining business operations, improving profits, developing product design and identifying emerging trends.

However data doesn’t provide decision makers important valuable insights alone. This data must be well gathered, organized, made readable and presentable, and then analysed and acted on to provide any real meaningful value.

Today it’s common practice to have applications that go beyond the standard charts and graphics used in old software such as word and excel. This can be through displaying data in a more sophisticated and efficient way through infographics, dials, geographical maps, spark lines, and various types of detailed charts. When analysing and working with big data it’s more than ever important to work with an agency that provides these applications.

As Supafonica has breached more into research techniques we have the technical abilities to highlight trends through using such tools. We can provide interactive capabilities and enabling our clients to manipulate them or allowing them to scope further into the data collated. This means that our data visualisations can provide to be more meaningful especially matched with our capabilities into research.

Can psychology explain customers mobile’s colour preferences?

Analytics have shown gold phones to be among the most popular with Samsung’s new latest smart phone, the Samsung galaxy s6, but can the colour of your phone explain more about you? Customers around the world are trying to get their hands on the Gold Platinum colour option which seems to be performing extremely well, and it seems like Samsung has hit gold. Their latest smartphone sales data shows that one in four consumers (23%) went for the Gold Platinum option, for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge models, which is why stock in this color is either sold out or nearly sold out across markets in Europe. The company says that it is having to intensify its production to Gold Platinum just to keep up with demand.

To explain why customers are more likely to choose one color over another Samsung asked British lifestyle psychologist Donna Dawson to try explaining customers’ color psychology. According to Donna Dawson people who choose gold are apparently “striving for prosperity, financial success and general contentment.” They also tend to be warm, outgoing and appreciate the company of others. Customers who go with green are more likely to be balanced, loyal, hard-working, honest and concerned for others.

“People who choose Samsung’s Blue Topaz as their preferred color are self-confident, fastidious, discriminating, sensitive, exacting, and intuitive,” says Dawson, adding that they long for personal security and need to be loved. Dawson brands people who choose white as their preferred color as status-seeking extroverts who represent honesty, purity and wisdom with a mix of brashness, overconfidence and an open nature. Last but not the least, the psychologist says that black has “always been the color of choice of the loner, rebel or “outsider,” and those who work hard to be recognized for their individualism, independence and their ability to stand out from the crowd. Interesting to note that colour palettes ranged from are polar white, emerald green, gold platinum and glitzy black.


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