Quick guide to live chat

“90% of customers think live chat is essential on a website & very helpful.” -Facebook & twitter users.


Customers want to feel supported Online!

In a recent survey 52% of US customers abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly. 83% think that consumers need some degree of customer support when making an online purchase. This clearly highlights the need for the quick and accessible customer support online. It seems that companies that interact with their customers online are able to build up more of a connection with them that subsequently encourages them to make the purchase.

Conversations Connect People

Clearly some businesses more than others would indeed do very well with integrated live chat support, particularly those that end in a purchase such as e-commerce/shopping cart websites. If you already do have live chat support then we congratulate you – you’re well on your way to more effective customer engagement and increased sales. Below we’ve pulled together the top 3 tips we think that would help you to make the most of your live chat software, and really aid you in connecting with your consumers.

1.Make sure to watch your attitude and language with emphasis on impeccable spelling & grammar.

2.Remember to be truthful but still helpful, prompt but still accurate, personal but never too pushy.

3.Make use of enough smiley emoticons where & whenever possible.

Ultimately concentrate on helping your customer, be friendly, polite, & courteous always. Be factual & know enough about your business, such as pricing plans & services. Whenever in doubt don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer as there’s nothing worse than incorrect information. It’s not so much about sales but rather guidance, swallow the losses & forget about any profits, and you will definitely earn a customer for life.

Here at Supafonica we have an entire team that is solely dedicated towards live chat, & the science behind live chat. We understand principles discussed in this short guide & put them into practice alongside other more technically advanced principles not so much discussed here which we like to keep secret. We are very happy to say we are one of the very few companies that can offer our clients a 24/7 live chat experience.

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