February 8, 2016 Team Supafonica

Microsoft has plans to integrate Swiftkey features

Microsoft has plans to integrate Swiftkey features

Microsoft and SwiftKey have made a joint announcement that they will be joining forces in an attempt to integrate Swiftkey features such as predictive text into it’s products in the future. Their plans seems to be wishing to integrate SwiftKey into its Word Flow Keyboard, which some of you might recognize having resembles with the older Swype application software interface. However this feature seems to be more common across a number of applications using similar software ui keyboards these days, SwiftKey’s has been showing off what they call their “neural network engine” as demonstrated in the video link below. They hope this will be useful in predicting whole messages, based on how the software records your writing style.

In the meantime SwiftKey has announced that their app across Android and iOS platforms will continue to remain free and available.



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