November 17, 2015 Team Supafonica

Is there a best time to post on social media?

Have you ever wondered that time is a factor to consider when posting you content on social media? It makes sense to think that for a certain location users prefer to view their social media streams at a specific time. Therefore if you share you content at a certain time you might gain more shares & attention, as with an increase in traffic.

Through our work we have managed to gain a perspective to how social media works, & it’s different per social media channel. For example with facebook the best times we have found to post are middle of the end of the working week on Thursday & Friday. The less people want to be at work, the more they are likely to be on Facebook.  The best time of the day to post on facebook we have found to be between 1pm & 3pm where the working day is at it’s optimum.

According to twitter users are 181% more likely to be on twitter during their commute, with 119% more likely to use twitter during school or working hours. The best time of the day to tweet for B2B engagement are weekdays, & for B2C engagement highest on weekends. Certainly for brands engagement would make sense if it were highest during the weekends.

Linkedin users are predominately professionals who like to engage with each other. Therefore we have found the best day to post is during the middle of the working week with best times of the day being early after 9am & after 5pm. Linkedin consists primarily of a B2B audience which is the reason behind these facts.

Pinterest compared to Linkedin are from the other side of the spectrum so it comes to no surprise that the best times we have found to post was during the weekends & according to Fannit best times being 2am-4pm & 8pm-11pm. According to SEJ Pinterest activity peaks at approximately 9pm.

According to TrackMaven Instagram engagement remains consistent throughout the week with slight spikes during Mondays & lows on Sundays. Fortune 500 companies overwhelmingly put photos up on Instagram during business hours, with posts spiking between 3pm-4pm.

In conclusion social media marketing can be improved by taking into consideration quantitative data like in the results above. One should try to ascertain where & whom their target audience are & not only focus on the correct timings but overall good quality, rich & engaging content to bring out this new emerging sector to it’s full potential.

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