August 18, 2015 Team Supafonica

Can different fonts lead to a better SEO campaign?

Graphics are a huge part of web design & along with it comes textual visualization graphics which tend to be overlooked. As these days many focus their efforts on a good search engine campaign the art of calligraphy for the web seems to be dying out more. Many elaborate & visually looking fonts have seemed to be faded away & long forgotten as developers & web designers began choosing a fonts which were more recognized, readable & attached to search engine main frame architecture rather than designing for the end user.

The relationship between SEO/SEM and user interfaces, with an emphasis on font and text selection is a point any domain name administrator or website developer should be arising. Graphics allow us to have all those nice, fancy. little finishing touches such as color selection, drop shadows, gradients, fades etc. These make a website pleasing to look at and easier to understand which increases end user engagement. Before in the past, in order to make a website better for SEO/SEM the design ended up suffering as the amount of graphics were cut down substantially & were replaced with more plain web safe font alternatives such as Arial and Times New Roman, which were not the most exciting or special since they were literally everywhere.

Domain owners dilemmas has long been whether to choose an attractive looking font that sits into an attractive looking website which unfortunately attracts smaller traffic compared to the opposite where websites more optimized for a better search engine marketing campaign would mean using more simpler, generic fonts. We believe that you can have a visually rich, beautiful website without sacrificing search engine connectivity & we can put more of an emphasis on design attributes, such as web fonts, that are easily crawl-able from search engines like Google & Microsoft’s Bing. With smarter usage of web fonts, & not forgetting the main factors such as HTML & CSS, it’s possible to create graphical elements that have look like highly designed graphics but are actually largely made up of live text. You can get all the juicy H1s, bolding, body text and titles you want this way and the search engines see it as nothing more than regular, old HTML.

A cautionary warning is that we see web fonts as not the the ideal solution, but work well for now at least. We recommend that you don’t use too many different web fonts in a design as each one is around 50k so they can slow things down & therefore creating a more sluggish website. However, if done right the site will usually be smaller, faster & visually appeasing rather than using heavy graphics anyway. In conclusion it doesn’t matter which font you decide to go with to enhance a strong search engine marketing campaign providing all the necessary main elements are addressed first.

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