May 5, 2016 Team Supafonica

Act quickly to get your free upgrade to windows 10

For those that have been put off upgrading their old Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 operating system over to the newest incarnation from Microsoft Windows 10, there is now an alternative to get get round to it. Microsoft has confirmed that 29th July will be the last day for anyone to get an upgrade without paying up front any money.

Microsoft promised end users upon the commencement of Microsoft 10 that the general public would be able to claim their free upgrade provided they fall between the first year of the OS, presumably to encourage users to upgrade and to stimulate more up take. However this freebie is coming to an end, and from 30th July of 2016 onwards Windows 10 will cost a significant £100 to get on your windows device. Bearing in mind apple does not charge a penny for their operating system or either to upgrade, we think it should remain a free to be on same level grounds as their main competitor.

Microsoft also took this opportunity to brag and create noise about their Windows 10’s successes. According to the company Windows 10 estimated that their OS is now installed on 200 million active devices around the world, with the new Edge browser, an evolution and different brand name over the clumsy internet explorer, recorded 63 billion minutes of use in March which is a a growth of 50% since the last quarter. Cortana which is their voice operated service answered more than 6 billion questions since launch, and Windows 10 apparently has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any Windows OS yet either. which we think is some pretty nice facts and figures considering the bad reviews from their last incarnation windows 8.

We urge you to not miss out and act now if you would like the OS which we think is the perfect blend of what old users found handy in old operating systems and the new such as applications which seems to be the going trend. Either way it provides good scalability and future proofing your system with what’s yet to come.

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