Trends in video background web design

In 2012 we designed and made the Supafonica website with a background time-lapse video of London we made earlier, along with a customised music score to match. As internet speeds for consumers are increasing, browser technology advancing, along with capturing HD quality videos easier, it’s no surprise that the popularity of video background websites are becoming more popular. As we sit in the early part of 2016 we have decided to write up a quick brief of best practices and guidelines for this increasing design trend we were amongst the first to pioneer.

The benefits of background videos are clear to see, matched with audio you are able to present a clear vision of your service or product, how you work, and other important factors you wish to highlight and address to end users. Your brand that is so vital to your business can be strengthened and harnessed. However you must pay close attention to details and visuals in order to give the impression that your company cares and “who you say you are”, therefore working with a creative agency that can deliver would be sensible.

Partial height videos are often used because it may be more sensible to limit the height, for example giving access to the rest of the web page. Another popular trend from designers is parallax scrolling, with the video BG fitted to the divs page. The design often runs without any problems and scrolls just like naturally content. If you do not have any skills in coding and are not a creative agency like ourselves, then investing in a plugin can be the simple solution, however there is the fact that there aren’t many other solution plugins out there available so your options may be limited.

What we see lacking out there today is the lack of usage of audio, this can be a very important element to broadcast your story and vision. Audio can be initiated only from an end user, more so giving your website that extra leverage advantage. Yet we see so many websites and agencies missing out on this opportunity. We at Supafonica recognise this and have built our in house team of music audio producers to help fulfil this role.

The trends of background video have edged closer to modern website design, and although static image backgrounds are still far popular and common we see video backgrounds as becoming increasingly popular with increased support form the developer community, along with easier methods of implementation and build. Matched with the correct audio, we see this trend as staying.

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