Google are making earth maps look even more beautiful.

From now the tech giant will improve the images that are used for both its Earth and Maps services. Starting this week, Google will be bringing users an even more beautiful and immersive experience with brand new imagery from Landsat 8 satellite, as well as a bunch of new image processing techniques to make images look sharper and even more realistic.

Chris Herwig, the Program Manager at Google Earth Engine, explains that some images often arrive that are cloudy. So the team has been looking through millions of images to find the clearest pixels so that they can “stitch” together lots of different images and create the best possible finished picture.

Enlisting the Landsat 8 images is also part of the plan to make Google Earth look even more breath-taking. According to Google, the satellite is capable of capturing images with “greater detail, truer colours, and at an unprecedented frequency”.

Why not see for your self and check out the new imagery and see if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be by opening up Google Earth, or alternatively you can simply turn on the satellite layer in Google Maps.

Have fun!

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