innovation in map interfaces

We love map interfaces & here’s a latest design from Google which shows signs of things to come. Integrated maps in our mobile phones have become an every day part of our lives, which are very easily overlooked & underestimated. Convenient maps made available on our phones have made it easy for us to navigate around complicated city demographics around us & enabled us to discover parts we have never seen before, even the world. However they can be seen as a bit dull & vulgar.

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo of mapzen, & Ryoji Ikeda a mathematical artist have come together to create a stunning map which may be signs of things to come. The effect has come about from re-skinning the open source maps found at Mapzen & overlaying them with a artistic brush. Odd as may it seem to be the 3d finished look is visually stunning with the black background & highlighted white  interfaces to give it a strong contrast. Details can be seen when an end user zooms into the map where office lights left on are visible, to the on going flow of traffic. Matched with a red grid pattern when you zoom out, we think the end result is stunning to look at whilst intriguing & even thought the black & white contrast is strong, we liked the possibility of 3d interaction with buildings mapped out in digital format which may be a sign of things to come.

Try it out for yourself here




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