“When we say bespoke, we really mean bespoke!”

We like to use traditional methods such as freehand sketch, & the humble pen & paper in our studios. The reason why we don’t pay particular attention to any intermediary wire-frame software like other companies is because we feel that they only limit your mind to the fashion of today. Here at supafonica we like to think of ourselves as innovators, pioneers, creative thinkers, & we lead & never follow! Don’t get us wrong, our team are well versed in the most popular wire-frame software such as  omnigraffle, axure & balsamiq, however on the whole we feel that wire-frame software does a more damaging derogatory job & we use them more as a reference & to explain our ideas & work to clients.

our new upcoming website preview

We have been working on our new website which involves a full page java script sliding display, which will make the end user feel more absorbed into our website. Where needed thought & concern has been given to the visual impact of the website with more of a focus on visuals rather than written text. We have incorporated graphic design, visual charts, digital drawings, & info graphs to allow for a more powerful impact. As the case before on our noir website, related content now will be available clearly on a certain page rather than scrolling to find the content.

Key features are the following:

  • Features a whole new design. Full screen java script, enabling a more responsive, visual experience for the end user.
  • Pages are scrollable by clicking on the arrows located neatly at the side of the screen, alternatively an end user can use the arrow keys for navigation or nav bar.
  • One click log in feature for our clients.
  • As always responsive & optmized on phones & tablets, with a more rich experience given to tablet users who can simply swipe to scroll.
  • Timelapse video background of locations around United Kingdom to give the impression that we are fully operational around all of the United Kingdom.
  • Integrated live chat support for desktop & mobiles.

Our new website is expected to go live in 2015, so keep watching this space!


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