New domain name extensions

2014 is going to be a landmark year for the Internet as the oldest and most basic form of user online navigation gets a major overhaul. The domain names that marketers and end users have relied on since the Internet’s inception—extensions like .com, .net, and .org—will no longer be the only game in town. New generic top-level domains (gTLDs), including extensions such as .app, .sports, .club, .healthcare and many more, have already started to launch.

While most business owners would likely choose a .com extension before something harder to memorize like .technology or .tips, the new options may be cheaper.  Not only that, they may be your only option if the .com domain you were looking for has already been taken.

If you go to any domain name registration website, you could try five or six times in a row and all the different options you try could be unavailable. The chances are good that someone already owns them. If you tried to buy a coveted .com at auction or from an existing seller, you could end up paying thousands of dollars. The new extensions give more options. But .com domains remain by far the most popular, and we don’t expect to see a massive adoption of the new domains overnight either.

“Dot com is not dead. People are very familiar with it and there’s definitely a comfort level there. But over time I think we’ll see the growth rate of .coms slow as the new domains pick up.”

The process of purchasing domains with the new extensions won’t be any different than purchasing a .com domain. However, because the new extensions have just been released, most are in pre-registration, meaning you can sign up to purchase them when they go live. If more than one party signs up for the domain during the pre-registration phase, the domain can go to an auction.  Even more extensions will be available in the next coming months.

The appeal of new domain extensions varies. Prices may vary based on how much interest there is in a particular extension. Some of the really niche names are not generic enough to have the broad based appeal of a .com, so there won’t be the same number of interested parties. For example, sites with a .bike extension might not have as many interested parties as a more general extension.  Small bike shops or similar businesses could be able to find bargains there. Still, it’s too early for us to say which domains might be bargains or how prices will compare with .coms.

Quite a few of the new extensions are related to small business industries, such as .limo (which could be used for a limo service) or .photography (for a photography studio).  The new domain extensions include:

academy, bike, builders, cab, camera, camp, careers, center, clothing, company, computer, construction, contractors, diamonds, directory, domains, education, email, enterprises, equipment, estate, gallery, glass, graphics, guru, holdings, institute, kitchen, land, lighting, limo, luxury, management, menu, photography, photos, plumbing, recipes, repair, shoes, singles, solutions, support, systems, technology, tips, today, training, ventures, voyage

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